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A creation needs no building blocks

Time to think people. What AE called "SPOOKY ACTION AT A DISTANCE" can only be the result of CONTINUOUS DYNAMIC CREATION.

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It was said of my theory of everything by un-named people. Within Unit-Unity-Community dot com (“It has been said that the philosophers all through the ages have indicated that a religion based divine intervention can explain all things that we can not yet explain with our science. There is nothing new here.”)

My response to this is as follows in 6 individual statements.

#1: All of the laws of your science of the cosmos are based on a continuum that does not exist. Thus making the following of science just one more religious belief.

#2: I grant to you, the scientific community, the explicit knowledge of the numerical relativity so as to predict the outcome of experiments based on the your laws of the cosmos. Until your experiments run into the continuation of these laws into the realm of the very small. Because it does not continue through out the entire possible existence medium as the continuum that it is based upon indicates that it must, there is no basis of fact that supports your religion to be any more real than my own.

#3: The philosophers from all through out the ages have not indicated a solution as such that can be produced and understood by your own knowledge of Computer science as the one that I give to you.

#4: There is also your inability to accept what I find as real because it will tear down your system to the very ground under your feet that you have already discovered, is at best is only uncertain.

#5: There is no debate, that the existence of any digital representation of a continuum would in fact result with all the correct numerical results that has been our experience for as long as we have used math to determine the character of our existence medium. Making this a possible explanation for the fact that all of our math that is based on a continuum seems to say that there is a continuum at the bases of our universe even though we find no real evidence of same in over 100 years of trying.

#6 Sherlock Holmes once said that, ('How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?') also said ( 'Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.') and ('There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.')


Finally a physicist with enough balls to say it like it is rather than going to the grave very unhappy like Albert Einstein and many others did. Come on guys GET YOUR SACK ON AND TELL THE WORLD WHAT THEY NEED TO KNOW. This is not a physical reality! Fools worship money and material things! There is only consciousness and that is the spirit within all that lives. The image of the divine is Life. We are created within that image! #6

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You will note that the most important and informative statement in any document about Quantum Mechanics. Is the word quantum. from the wiki, "The name quantum mechanics derives from the observation that some physical quantities can change only in discrete amounts (Latin quanta), and not in a continuous (cf. analog) way." An analog way is a continuum where everything in the universe is just one single thing there are no interruptions of non existence within the one single thing. All of our macro science is based on this concept of one thing, a continuum. In the data world this is called analog. There is another form of data that is defined in chunks or pieces or quanta. In a computer these are called bits or bytes etc. What they are not telling you is that the bits and bytes are the same as chunks, pieces, or quanta. So basically the quantum reality is a digital reality. It is a digital realm that appears as a continuum. The only way that this can happen is if there is a digital representation of a continuum that is causing this quantum realm to appears as AND PRODUCE ALL THE MATHEMATICS THAT INDICATES THE SAME CONTINUUM BUT DOES NOT TRULY EXIST AS A TRUE CONTINUUM. What this is saying if you are understanding me is that there is an intelligent entity that is responsible for this continuum dream that we have been given. I call the continuum side of our reality EDEN. I call the digital reality side of this existence medium ELSEWHEN. I call it that because we exist only at a single point called NOW. If it is not now then it is elsewhen. This is the same as saying if you are not here you are elsewhere.

Time is the point of Creation. The future does not exist. Now is an imaginary point where the future can be changed by your free will. When you decide on what the future will be, you act. Once you act, the time has past, creation has happened, it is now real never to be changed. The past is post creation. In the following predicate find E=mc2 in (universe1-side) Test that same relationship at all points. find: energy=matter x C2

Albert Einstein was looking for the the following 3 relationships.

creation=consciousness (this is us)

creation=consciousness x C2 (this is "Let there be light") the creator

energy=matter (this is the divine memory) (this contains EVERYTHING that has ever happened in time)

bipole[Eden{(space,matter,energy)^3,(time,consciousness,creation)^1}, Elsewhen{(time,consciousness,creation)^3,(space,matter,energy)^1}].

You may ignor this if you wish. It will however outlive us all. See you around.

AE was right God does not throw dice.

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