Absolute Zero another event horizon.

Here is another possability that may effect what happens at the edge of our universe.

The red shift as it marks the maximum distance of our reality, may not be the only barrier that retains us to this existance medium. As all things get further from their source of heat, they keep cooling, getting colder and colder. Do they ever approch absolute zero?

If they do there is another event horizon beyond the red shift. This is Where all motion including light come to a stop in the Bose-Einstein Condensation. The light that reaches that point becomes as matter then the matter becomes the condensate that light travels through at about 15 mph. Will this put the universe in a shell composed of a B.E. condensate of matter? Would we be able to see it if it was there? Does it reflect light back into the universe?

Maybe the dark matter that we all wonder about is the result of a Bose-Einstien condensation.

John EMM