Reason is an excuse for faith. Faith is everything

. In a universe where I the observer is always at the center, always the same distance to the edge no matter where I am in the universe, the distance is always the very same finite number, the speed of the edge is always accelerating but it never goes any faster, it expands at the speed of light but it never gets any larger, it is my observation to cause the superposition of many worlds to collapse down to the one that I observe, all the solid ground that I did stand on all of my life is found to be a false God, it can only be that I AM is the true God, I must be the son of God for I share that I AM with all that are. I AM in a dream, yet I AM. The dream does not cause anything to change for it is only the state of my being that can change because of a dream. It is not the being itself that is ended by this knowledge of a dream. It is only the state of my being that is in question, not the existence of the I AM.

Time and Being:

We exist at the point of creation..... We are always at this point. NOW!

The future is only in our imagination. It is changeable in our mind until we act. When we act it is created. It can never be uncreated. It can be covered by another act now that is to change what was created before. But the fact that it was created is never changed, it is forever true. What is created can not be uncreated We use our imagination to create what becomes the past.

The past is post creation. The past is real for I can touch NOW what was created then.

Now is real for I can create now what will become past.

I can not touch what has not yet been created. imagination is where the future exists.

This indication that the future does not exist, results with a single dimensional time line that begins at NOW! It seems to me that this is the likely dimensional point that time is created. (NOW.)

Is time created for us, before us, because of us, by us as a being, or are we its creation?

It is certainly relative to us, because we are always at the center of this universe that is created by time.

Is space created by time? It is true that two objects can not occupy the same space. However when you add time, that same space has another space that becomes available as soon as you add time. Not only that but the object that is contained in the space that is recreated is also recreated. It may well be that this coming into existence of all things made of material is the expansive force that is responsible for the action that is seen as gravity. If you do not see the above thought as viable, Then consider the following:

Is Time the 4th dimension as Albert Einstein indicated, Or is there more to time as the 4th dimension then has previously been indicated? The purpose of this thread is to analyze exactly what happens to space as the time dimension is initiated. Have we given this phenomena enough thought to truly get a grip at what is taking place at this intersection of time and space?

Progression of static dimensions: I see the difference from one dimension to the next as a result of the exponent. A single dimension of 5 inches results with (5)^1=5 To add a dimension we add 1 to the exponent and result with (5)^2=25 This could be represented as a sheet of paper that is 5 inches by 5 inches resulting in a sheet of paper that is 25 square inches. The next dimension will increase in the same way. (5)^3=125 cubic inches. This could be represented by adding sheets of paper to form a stack of paper 5 inches tall.

Static dimensions as opposed to dynamic dimensions: Time is a dynamic dimension: Note the dimensions that we are adding here are static. They are not changing they remain the same. A dynamic change in dimension as exists with time, as continuously adding space as the time ticks on. If the stack of paper was a dynamic increase of the 3rd dimension it would be like continuously adding sheets of paper to increase the height of the stack. A parallel to this might be to view the dynamic increase of the 4th dimension as adding new universes. It certainly appears to be the creation of space at this point. Now to see this as the creation of new space at the point of creation=NOW

This results with a situation that is indicative of a non deterministic domain. The reason that it is not deterministic is that we do not understand the dynamics of creation, and we are not likely to get any kind of grip on this in the near future as it is totally out of our ability to do, or to understand. Does this mean that we must give up the knowledge of a large part of our existence medium? I can see why the scientific community does not accept this, as it makes them acknowledge their impotence. This impotence will also effect their ability to generate income.

I know that I am not the only one that sees this. It is after all quite obvious. just like adding sheets of paper to a stack of paper to increase the third dimension. Each time a sheet of paper is added the stack gets taller, increasing the 3rd dimension. Why should the 4th dimension be any different. our first 3 dimensions make up the universe. Then the 4th because it is dynamic is creating new 3 dimensional universes.

I think we have been blind not to see this before. Maybe there are some that would not want this to be common knowledge. Maybe because creation is non deterministic. It is hard to sell tickets to a deterministic show in a non deterministic town.

The being exists in time. We know that because if we try to observe being and remove time, the being becomes nothing more than the body that housed the being. The being is gone if time is gone. The being is a verb it exists in time.

Is the being the creator of time? Or is time the creator of the being?

It appears that neither can exist without the other. Being is consciousness of time. Time is consciousness.

The observer controls all in quantum mechanics. The observer is always at the center of a universe that has no center. No matter what direction that we look or move it is always toward (the past/ the red shift/ the edge of the universe). The edge of the universe is always the same distance (governed by red shift) this is without regard to any and all positions within the known universe. They are all the center if there is an observer there. The edge appears to accelerate yet the speed never increases. The edge move away at the speed of light yet the size never increases. We can use finite numbers to indicate this distance. but the numbers never change no matter where you are or when the measurement was taken. If these finite numbers never change, are they then infinitely finite numbers.

This description or reality defies all logical understanding. Yet it is shown to us in this manner. There is only one possible explanation that will explain the observations that we have made.

There is a minimum quantum of time that occurs as the tick of a creation clock. There is also a minimum quantum of space that occurs as the creation clock ticks. This minimum quantum of time times the minimum quantum of space equals the speed of light. This is where and how the constant C is defined and controlled.

The creation occurs at NOW with every quantum tick of the creation clock. There is no motion. For motion can only be the result of the recreation of matter from one quantum of space to another in a quantum of time defined by the creation clock that ticks NOW!

These universes as they are created fly by us at the speed of light as defined and controlled by the minimum quanta of both space and time. This gives the appearance of movement in the same way as a movie film flicks by our eyes. Our mind sees a 3 dimensional creation of a solid unmoving substance composed of space and matter flying by our mind like the frames of a movie.

As these successive universes are created they expand at the speed of light by the process of creation. They are created so as to overlap the previous creation yet the older creations have had more time to expand so the edges of the older creations are visible when we look toward the edge that is always expanding. The past creations can shine there light back to us now that we may see what was.

This understanding made it possible to see that our primary source or force is a bipole. This is a force that results with time as the result of one pole and space as the result of the other. If we try to depict this bipole with math. we discover that what we are seeing here on this existence medium is only part of the true reality. This is obvious because of the lack of symmetry.


There is no symmetry here. In order to see a symmetrical bipolar force, there must be another existence medium that is the mirror image of the one that we presently observe. If this were to be the case, then the following would be possible.


This results with a symmetrical balance. Each dimension can be expanded to see more information as follows. By using the parameters that are relative to each pole we result with. (space,matter,energy) and (time,consciousness,creation) This results with the following:

bipole[{(space,matter,energy)^3,(time,consciousness,creation)^1}, {(time,consciousness,creation)^3,(space,matter,energy)^1}]

This results with a symmetrical environment that shows us many things. We know about A.E.'s famous material and energy relationship E=mc^2. If we look at this relationship and consider that similar relationships exist in the indicated symmetrical points of the environment as indicated above. We can result with the following:

1=Energy=matter times c^2


3=Creation=consciousness times C^2


What this means is as follows:

(1 we already know this as E=mc^2)

(2 the future does not exist. Now is the point of creation)

A single dimension of creation in time. This results with a single dimensional space in Elsewhen that is experienced by the divine as part of the collective of all that lives.

(3 LET THERE BE LIGHT!) This is 3 dimensional creation in 3 dimensional time. this results with the 3 dimensional space that we experience.

There are 2 levels of creation. there is (creation)^1 this is the single dimension of time. This single dimension of time can create a single dimension of space. This single dimension of space exists within Elsewhen and is experienced by the divine as part of the collective of all living things.

The (creation)^3 is the creation of 3 dimensional space as a result of the divine experience in 3 dimensional time. (This is our environment that is created by the divine at every tick of the creation clock.)

John (Everymansmedium).

"Now is the point of creation"