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What is your motivation???

This is a critical question when you are reading a document that is very involved and will take you some time to see your way through it and to understand it.

Before you put in your time, you should understand your own motivation for spending time with such a document. If your own motivation is the same as the originator of the document, then it is likely that you will find the time you spend following these untraveled roads of knowledge just as fruitful as the original pioneer of this road of universal observation.

This road I travel has not a footprint of previous travelers. I know this for this road can not be documented because of where it takes us. It takes us to places that can not be documented by the existing system of knowledge. For if they were to travel this road they must first indicate to the world that there is no knowledge of mankind that can shine a light where we go. For any educational institution to do this is to cut there own throat for who would buy a tuition to a school that admits that they do not know anything about what they have discovered to be truth. All they would have is the road of knowledge to travel down to see where it goes.

When you discover that things that are found are the work of a force that is as yet undocumented, and you discover that this force is obviously the primary driving force behind this entire universe or universes or to use the term EXISTENCE MEDIUM to be more accurate, then you have discovered that the most important thing in this existence medium is totally unknown.

Now you will need to tell the world that you know nothing about the most important thing anywhere. This is a pill that NO CAPITAL ORGANIZATION CAN EVER SWALLOW. So I am quite sure that what we have here is not going to become common knowledge anytime soon. Unless of course there is a complete reversal of all global motivation from POWER to TRUTH.

Now if you wish to continue to understand what I have found I will help in any way that I can. Please understand I do not do this for capital reasons. I do this for the opening of the mind of mankind from POWER TO TRUTH. Whether this specific writing is the be all and end all or not. Maybe it will be something totally different. But for sure it will be found on this road. This is the road in search for the truth. Without regard to power in any way or manner.

We must all begin with the thought that we know nothing except that the existing system does not work. The existing system that I speak of is all of our present knowledge of the physical principals of this universe are based on a continuum. We know that there is no continuum. So all of our knowledge of how this universe works is a fantasy. It works so we can produce marvels of technology that are all based on the existence of a continuum that does not exist.

If you look closely you will discover that there is a singularity that is supplying a digital representation of a continuum. This is the only way to explain what we have found. This in of itself is a problem as the idea of a digital anything is something that is represented by its gaps or spaces between the points. Now a continuum is one single thing there are no gaps or spaces. This is the direct opposite as if a reversal like a mirror image is the object that is responsible for this observation.

This idea of a mirror image is also one that has been tried quite often as a way to generate symmetry in any equation. It also is known to produce a singularity that can be used to explain phenomena that has previously remained unexplained. There certainly is no shortage of unexplained phenomena in Quantum Physics.

I also want to make a note that there will be no need to bring your math book as I plan to do this from more of a philosophical vantage point. using the written findings that can be found in most any of the verbal descriptions of Quantum Physics. You will find when you go to other books to give you more information about what I say here, that most will give no explanation at all or they will simply tell you that there are various methods of speculation and conceptual systems of attempted explanations. To read these may give you a better grip on the material that we are trying to understand. It will not take long before you see the dilemma that we face.

This I hope will also shed some light upon the material that I put before you. The difference between the explanation that I give and the varied other ways to see this phenomena is that this concept that I give covers all of the problems with one single solution. The solution however is going to change the way that you look at this world FOREVER.