Time is what allows anything to happen. Without time we have solid unmoving space, with motionless matter.

Time is what creates a place for all things to occur. That place is NOW.

The universe is a recording of the divine experience/creation experianced in 3d time and recorded into 3d space in the form of what we call the past. This is the experiance of the father/mother/parent the creater of all things.

We experience this via the interface that is our body that exists within this divine recording in 3 d space.

The recording of our experience/creation that happens within this space, that is created by the divine is recorded in the single strand of space that is generated as we experience/create within this environment. This is the experiance of the children of the divine

The time that we experience becomes a single strand of space within Elsewhen. This is for the divine to experience within the 3 d time that is in Elsewhen. The Divine experiences all of the (INDIVIDUAL) single strands of space that are generated by all the forms of life that exist within Eden.

It can experience all of these single strands as a cumulative existence/creation This experiance is the Holy Spirit. It can also be termed Everyman.

It can and does on occasion experience the individual existence/creation. When this happens to you, and it will, all I can say is, be ready. THIS IS WHAT GIVES THE ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE OF THE DIVINE. This is the experiance of the child/son/daughter.

All that you see, including what are we, is one single entity, one single organism, one single source of EVERYTHING.

This is the Trinity. This the I AM. What ever the term you wish to use, we are all the parts of one single existence.

We have 11 dimensions in our multiverse. 2, 4 dimensional existance mediums and the 3 dimensional interface the Trinity.

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John Everymansmedium