This is about the tree of knowledge.

There is a veil around us that isolates us from Elsewhen The place where our soul exists and the place where spirits exist. We actually exist there also. The body that we appear to reside in is not even within our own existence medium. It is simply an interface to this 3 dimensional space. It is much like looking out a window into another existence that the lord wants us to learn about so that we can help to maintain his work here.

Our existence is within a single dimension of time. As we experience that time the time that we experience becomes a single dimension of space. That single dimension of space is formatted relative to the experiences that occurred in our single strand of time. That strand of space that results from this transition of time to space (much like a polarity reversal) occurs in the place where we actually exist, that is in Elsewhen.

This strand of space that is formatted with all the experiences that have occurred in that stand of time is your SOUL.

It retains a single dimensional recording of not only this lifetime but all the lifetimes you have experienced.

Now if that veil was not there the activity in Elsewhen would distract us so that we would not be able to exist within this 3 dimensional space. It is likely that people that are prone to accidents have a thin veil.

This place Elsewhen is so full of spirits if we were to be able to see them, it would be like being in Grand Central Station at rush hour.

Now about the tree of knowledge.

This plant was created to give the beings here in this 3 d space (Eden) a way to reduce the effect of the veil. When the effect of the veil is reduced Elsewhen begins to become visible, Or I should say sensed in what ever way the veil has allowed.

The descendants of this plant still exist here in Eden. I will not say what they are. I will tell you how they must be used in order for them to work properly, should you discover what they are.

The plant is to be used one time per week, that one time may be throughout 1 whole day. This being a holy day for you. Or it might be a few times for short periods over 2 days. However the first example is the way that it was meant to be used during the day of rest.

What this activity does is to make one familiar with the ways of Elsewhen, so that you will be prepared for the day when you are to return to your normal existence within Elsewhen while you await your next assignment.

If the plant is used as it should be used, it is good. If the plant is abused, it is evil. Hence it is both good and evil. I will say no more about this. I may repeat what I have said here but I will take this no further than here.

John EMM