As this was posted to the thread on this subject.


I hope that I might be able to get back on the subject that I started to communicate about.

I am aware of the difficulties of seeing locations at the macro to be aligned back once again to the micro as would be necessary for this to be seen as a continuos inverting loop.

The point that needs to be examined is alignment of all conceivable locations at the space macro to all conceivable instances also at the macro extreme of 3 dimensional time. It would be necessary to see the return half of this flow from a macro extreme toward a micro extreme in 3 dimensional time. This being in the mirror image of our own existance medium.

This is the equivalent of a summing of the total universal space back to a micro point of space by way of a macro instance in time to a micro instance in time to again create the next universe in the next Planck moment at every conceivable Planck point in space.

We have no idea how long the divine takes to do this summing for we do not experience any time that is between the Planck moments. For this is the place that the divine exists between the Planck's. If you will forgive the pun.

John EMM