How I arrive at these conclusions will be discussed at a later time as that is a very complex subject. When one first becomes acquainted with the full capability of the mind and its ability to connect to the sources that are at the disposal of every individual, many things begin to happen. At first there is an awakening in the creativity and memory functions. Then you begin to realize that there is much more to what is going on in our head than we ever imagined possible. The rest of this I will open up to completely at a later time. In the mean time I will give you what is required for you to understand what it is that I will finally give to you.

There is so much to tell I do not know where to start. This has been the problem related to this story from the very beginning. I guess the best thing to do is to start by showing what is necessary to disassemble the knowledge of mankind. As it is always necessary to disassemble what is existing before one can build a new foundation, for a new more stable structure. The existing structure of knowledge of mankind is not even defined in any one place. There is no structure of truth. We have the education system that has defined specific disciplines of knowledge. But there is no overall understanding of what has been discovered by mankind and documented by our history that begins with the written word.

I think every person should know where we are with our knowledge of this universe that we live in. The current state of knowledge: All of the work of Albert Einstein is based on the concept of a continuum. All of our understanding of all solid objects under our feet as the ground we stand upon to what we can hold in our hand or put in our pocket. All of this understanding depends on a continuum. When we move an object it moves from one place to another through the continuum. A continuum is a continuation of one place into another without any interruption of the existence of this continuation between any two places. All of our science that is relative to space and the movement through space depends on this continuum.

Now let us have a look at what is found in Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics. You will note that what is found here is not very well published to the general public. There is little known about this field until you find your self in an engineering school studying this discipline. Then as you were told when you first began to learn about this field, it is not easy to understand. So you go on and learn what it is that you need to know with as little investigation as possible into the meaning of what you are learning. The reason for this is that there is no meaning published relative to QM or QP. There is just a lot of unknowns. The more that you learn the less you find that makes any sense. There is however one thing that you do learn. The concept of a continuum can not be verified here. Not only that, the concept of a continuum is the direct opposite of what is found here. This point should be made so that everyone will understand that our science is divided on this issue. They will go no further than that to say that they are divided on this issue that is not very well indicated in our schools or in our media. This is a MAJOR ISSUE that is been played down by all of mankind.

Now I will tell you what they did find in QP. They learned to understand the process of digital data, and also how to make a digital interface. With good reason I might add because what is found in QP is a digital interface. It is a digital interface to a digital representation of a continuum. This is the only thing that could explain what we find in this existance medium that we experiance. But then this digital representation of a continuum appears as a contradiction in terms. This is because the concept of a continuum is exactly opposite what is thought of in a the concept of a digital system. This can only be the result of a reversal like a mirror image where each side is the image of the other. Thus resulting in the direct opposite of what is needed in this existance medium that we experiance. Thus a continuum is the mirror image of a digital system. This is indicating that there is another existance medium interfacing our known universe. This existance medium is a mirror image of the existance medium that we experiance.

This universe is called Elsewhen. It is 3 dimensions of time and 1 dimension of space. A mirror image of our own existence medium. The one dimension of space is in strings. These strings are much like the strings in a computer. The domain is like a hyperspace medium except that what is depicted within is what is within our own existence medium. It appears to be as a memory medium of our own universe. Or maybe we are an illusion of solid reformation of what is found in it. In any case it results with a singularity that can explain all things. The explanation will however be without a continuum as there is no continuum. The continuum that is needed for the world to be seen the way that we believe it is, only exists within Elsewhen. That is right the continuum that is needed is as a digital representation of a continuum that exists within Elsewhen. However it is depicted by the digital interface so as to cause this place to appear to function as it does.

This at first looks like the work of the divine illusion. However I have been examining this for 39 years at this point. It appears that it is not a divine illusion but representative of the effect of consciousness on the process of existence. Like a mind over matter that comes full circle. The observer really does have a direct effect on what happens next. The relativity as indicated by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity is actually between the observers that exist within there own single strand of time. The parallel mirror image of our own existence medium also indicates that the basic fundamental force that results with the existence medium that we exist within and the mirror image of same that I have called Elsewhen is the result of a bipolar force. One pole results with time the other results with space. Gravity is simply a reaction to the action of creation that occurs at NOW, as a CONTINUOUS DYNAMIC CREATION. It is this creation that results with the forth dimension. There is no future except in your imagination. There is only NOW and the history of past NOWS. This is a creation wave that occurs at every Planck instance in every possible location separated only by the Planck length. There is no movement, there is a new creation at every Planck instance that takes into consideration all things in the last creation plus the effect of all observers as they are the creators. As we experience our single strand of time the time becomes a single strand of space in the (mirror/image) of our own existence medium. The single strand of space is formatted by the events that occurred in time. This is a permanent recording process of all observed existence. This single strand of space is the substance of the soul. It can contain many lifetimes but it is a single strand so they must be in a series to generate a single long line of existence. At the same time that we experience our existence in a single strand of time there is a collective consciousness or a total summing existence that exists within Elsewhen. Elsewhen is 3 dimensions of time with one dimension of space. This because of the 3 dimensions of time is a 3 dimensional consciousness. It is not just conscious of a single point of time as we are, but of all time as a 3 dimensional consciousness. This collective as it experiences all of our (souls/single strands of time) it's time becomes as 3 dimensional space in our existence medium. This 3 dimensional space must then be as the soul of the collective. So we create a single strand of time that is as our soul for the collective to experience within the (mirror/image) then as it experiences all of our souls its time becomes the next creation wave in 3 dimensional space.

There is a bipolar field that results with 3 dimensional time and changes polarity to become as 3 dimensional space on the side of existence. Then on the edge of existence we exist in a single strand of time and when it changes polarity as we experience NOW it becomes a single strand of space in Elsewhen that results with our everlasting soul.

The effect of consciousness on the process of existence that occurs at the point of creation, NOW, in the form of continuous dynamic creation at every Planck instance. What this means is that time, consciousness and creation is all the same thing.

This is the original writing that lead to the conclusion that you are now reading.