There are 3 way to support me. First is to look at my sites and read about what I am thinking and doing. I can not afford the cost of advertising. One of the best ways to help me is to tell your friends about this site. Word of mouth advertising is the best and costs only a little bit of breath. The best way to live in a better world is to get busy and fix the one we got before it is totally trashed by paranoia, insanity, and greed.

Thank you for your support ...........Where ever I go, whatever I manage to do, I alway remember who my friends are. Especially those that believed in me when everybody else thought I was crazy.

Something to think about. When this all started, I thought that Jesus should soon come to save us all, as he came to help me. Then as time goes on I began to wonder why he does not come. Now after 33 years of trying to talk to people about things that this world is in need of, I realize that if he were to come, who would recognize him? They would throw him in jail because he would upset the capital system now the same as he started by throwing the money lenders out of the temple back then. Remember he was a MAN, not the almighty God they depict today. If God had wanted to overpower us with his devine force HE WOULD HAVE COME PERSONALLY rather than send his son as a man. You can depend on this. If Jesus does not come then the force of the devine will be our final teacher, GOD HELP US ALL. Jesus can only help us by showing us his reasoning that we will fix the problems with this world ourself, so that the almighty does not need to come. This is how he is to save us.