The membrane:

To best picture this membrane is to take a piece of 8 x 11 paper fold it in about an inch on the long side. Cut this strip of paper off. On one side print the word Eden in about the middle. Mark an arrow from the beginning on the word Eden toward the end of the paper on the left. Mark another arrow in the same direction coming from the right edge toward the N in Eden. Now turn the paper over to the other side but be sure to turn it end for end, so that the top of the word Eden is still on the top of the paper. Now print the word Elsewhen in about the middle of the paper. Put in the 2 arrows as before except now they will point toward the right end of the paper. When you hold the paper up to the light you should be able to see that the arrows are pointing in the same direction when looking through the paper. Now put in a twist of 180 degrees and tape the ends of the strip of paper together. This is a plane model of the field of the primary force in our multiverse.

The arrows indicate the direction of the lines of the force. They indicate the direction that time travels and the direction that space travels. Both space and time are the result of the poles of the primary force gravity and continue. The thought that space is expanding and the appearance of the red shift that seems to indicate the same is the result of the natural tensions and compressions of the Mobius strip shape. In the position that we are in on the membrane this expansion can continue infinitely with out getting any larger because it is a condition of this position on the membrane. This effect is balanced by the opposite effect in other places on the membrane. There are two places that experience expansion and there are two places that experience compression. These places of expansion and compression are natural conditions of the shape of the field. Neither causes an actual change to the absolute size of anything. They do not result in the need for a big bang nor do they result with the need to see a repelling force that keeps the universe from collapsing on itself. The multiverse is a steady state relative to space and time.

Our own existence medium however may have a cycle of entropy that can cause the cycling of matter within space and time like a series of galactic size big bangs. There still seems to be evidence of something along these lines.

The part of this that makes it difficult to depict is because of the tendency of the membrane to follow the most basic conditions. Example: in 3 dimensional space no matter what direction that we think we are traveling in we are always traveling in the only direction that it is possible to travel in, the directions that the arrows indicate dictated by the lines of force. This is the direction that is toward the macro / red shift / the direction that both time and space travel in. Beyond the reversal of the poles is to travel in the direction that space travels in, through 3 dimensional time. This medium of 3 dimensional time is as much an illusion as the multiple directions in 3 dimensional space. However as it is quite enough to measure a volume in one as it is to have a 3 dimensional being in the other. These lines of force are the lines that both time and space travel. They are subject to both expansion and contraction depending on the position on the membrane and on the inherent attributes of the shape of the membrane.

These lines occur at every conceivable point in 3 dimensional space and every instance in 3 dimensional time. In our present existence medium the times travels outward from every conceivable point in every conceivable direction in the 3 dimensional space. (note this is still always toward the macro/red shift and still following the directions of the arrows on the band) You will note also that as you move you always move in the only direction that it is possible to move in toward the red shift. As you move you travel with time, That time that does not pass you, you do not experience as in special relativity. The time that you do not experience remains as a single dimensional strand of space attached to the moving item, increasing the apparent mass as in special relativity. As you can see there are changes to the understanding of the process but there is no change to the math needed to calculate any of the other factors. This part has been the picture as seen by our physical principals. There is another part of this theory. That is the part where it began.

That being the philosophical view of this same idea. This is to see the constant continue as the basis of life itself as well as the basis of time. The constant continue is that constant that results with the ability of life to replicate the specific data as the species information found in our genetic beginnings. It is also the basis of the drive to survive. This ability to show all life as the result of a single force, also shows a medium within which data can pass between one living thing and another by way of this single force that is also a medium between all things alive. WE have seen evidence for the statement that all species are specific data, and character as well is data. If this is true then it is quite likely that we truly are immortal beings. The existence medium appears to be of a type to record all things in the form of data. Now we find it possible to see a medium for the passage of data between all things alive. This is beginning to appear like the kind of things that we might be told by our religions. Should we at this point take a closer look at our religions to see what things we may have been told actually fit into what we are finding. This then might give us more places to look for truth. This is the path I took. With this thought in mind when you look at some of our religions you can see both things that fit and things that do not. May be this is a way to tell what was said in the past by not but man and also to tell what might have been divinely inspired. In this way it is likely that there is a bit of truth in all of our religions. This then when it is found will be not only the true TOE but will also be the picture of the brotherhood of man.

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